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Christina Kyriakidou is an interdisciplinary artist from Greece living in Scotland. Her practice involves sculpture, painting, drawing,  performance/activist art and digital art media. She studied Visual Communication/Illustration at City of Glasgow College and Contemporary Art Practice at the University of the West of Scotland, graduating with a First Class Honours in 2019.
Inspired by Western consumerism and wastefulness, she aspires to make art that raises existential questions and addresses environmental issues. Despite being a multidisciplinary artist who constantly experiments in different areas of practice, she often reintroduces the use of waste in her work. She has been collecting rubbish from beaches and rural areas and encapsulating it in her 'Monoliths' sculptures, but has also been using rubbish as part of her outfits in street performances. Waste is seen as a direct documentation of a consumerist way of life and, simultaneously, a visual representation of modern-day stress and addictions.
To this day, her work has been exhibited at the Gallery of Modern Art - GoMA (Glasgow, 2020) as well as in several exhibitions (solo and group) in Greece, Scotland, Ireland, United States and Italy.
In 2021 Christina Kyriakidou joined the SHIM Art Network as the curator of Trashion Arts and has been exhibiting with them in different countries around the world. With an ever-increasing interest in socially engaged art, she is currently doing her Masters in Adult Education, Community Development & Youth Work at the University of Glasgow and has been running art workshops for asylum seekers and refugees from the beginning of 2022.

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